Concierge Consulting

Evectrifi’s Available Consulting Programs

Consult and Advise

We work for you to identify your EV charging needs, negotiate third party contracts, oversee the project management of the job, inspect and ensure that the work is properly executed.

Fee taken based on an hourly rate.

Project Manager

We can work for your business on a fee basis to project manage the job, from pre-design and planning, resource allocation, team leadership, monitoring progress, and managing budgets.

Fee taken based on an hourly rate.

Owner’s Representative

As an Owner’s Rep, we work directly for the Owner handling their unique needs. The responsibility focuses on oversight versus management, monitoring the development, reporting directly to the owner, flagging issues (like missed deadlines and documents), assisting with change orders, handling payment releases.

Fee taken based on a job specific rate.

Construction Manager

Responsible for all aspects of the construction for the EV charging site. Reports to ownership based on ongoing tasks, fiduciarily responsible to the project.

A percentage fee is taken from the overall price of the project on a cost plus basis.

Data Driven Information Services

We can provide site analysis, EV specific demographic information, traffic pattern data, energy pricing information, market research, strategic information, equipment advisory and client negotiation services.

Fees determined on a project by project basis.

State Benefits And Rebates

EVectriFi can work with Federal and your state/local authorities to apply on your behalf for a multitude of commercial rebates and tax incentives for the level 2 and DC fast-charging stations installed at your business or property.