Turnkey EV Charging Solutions

Advisory Services

Find and apply for financial incentives, identify sites, develop site plans, and manage permits and approvals.

Systems Engineers

Design and install Level 2 and DCFC infrastructure for site energy load and power requirements to deliver efficient charging for your business.

Hardware Sourcing and Procurement

Install charging stations, energy storage, and solar solutions based on your specific site and business requirements.

Deployment, Operations And Support

Optimize on-site installation to deliver efficient operations, increased uptime, and the best possible user experience.

Cloud-Based Software

Deploy and operate EV charging infrastructure alongside a driver-friendly mobile app.

From engineering design and installation to maintenance and life-cycle upgrading, EVectriFi will fulfill your commercial EV charging station requirements. Our custom installation services will enable you to leverage your facilities and parking spaces by having us install and operate charging stations in partnership with you, owning or leasing various brands of EV Charging Stations for your location/application.

Licensed Engineers Completing High Quality EV Charging Station Installations At EVectriFi, we provide turn-key electric vehicle station installation services, handling every aspect of the install from beginning to end.
  • We begin by evaluating the site and your particular needs
  • We help our clients choose the right charging stations for their properties and potential customer’s vehicles.
  • We handle all of the permitting and inspections necessary to begin the installation.
  • We select designated locations, stripe paint, and add directional and identification signage.
  • We list the location on publicly listed internet access websites.
  • We assess the existing electric utility infrastructure at the location.
  • We install panels, breakers and meters.
  • We trench, pull cable and install the pole or kiosk for the charging spot.
  • We install the charging hardware.
  • We can assist with applying for and completing any rebate program applications that apply in your area.
  • We electrify the stations and activate the software.

Whether the job is straightforward or it requires extensive electrical wiring work, our experts are able to handle every part of the install. From the start of the project to the final activation, which depends on permitting time frames at the local level, electric utility provider’s timeframe, materials logistics, the backlog of work and the host’s restrictions on working hours, we estimate the job will take 4-12 weeks.