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Charging Station Types

Level 2 Charging Stations

Level 2 EV Charging – 240V Circuit required. Range – 10-60 miles of average driving range per hour of charge, depending on installed circuit amperage, the EV model’s charging rate spec, battery type, age and condition, outside temperature, and numerous other circumstantial conditions. Ideal for small and medium commercial spaces, public parking lots, shopping centers, professional building complexes, industrial parks, vehicle fleets.

Technological advancements will allow EVectriFi’s charging stations to become reliable, long-term revenue generators for large enterprises such as public parking lots, shopping centers, strip malls, professional building complexes, industrial parks, vehicle fleets, retailers, restaurants, hotels, and special event venues. At the same time, smaller businesses with individual locations can take advantage of the opportunities generated by EV charging.

EVectriFi will inform you on some finer points of the business of EV charging. We will help you understand all you need to do to capitalize on the nationwide growth in the EV transportation infrastructure.

The presence of EV charging stations is one way to manifest a commitment to the notion of sustainability. It is a simple but powerful way to get ahead of the curve as the adoption of electric vehicles continues its impressive growth.

Futureproof your business.

Adding EV stations to a downtown business district demonstrates a serious pledge towards minimizing a town’s cumulative carbon footprint.

The classification for chargers are based upon the amount of time that it takes for the vehicle to charge.

Federal, state and local incentives: grants, rebates etc.